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I’m an impassioned and well respected School Psychologist who has worked within public education advocating for hundreds of families and students social/emotional and learning needs through consult/collaboration, mental health services, academic and psychoeducational evaluations, accommodation planning, and home intervention supports. I’m well versed in State and Federal guidelines for the provision of special education services and supporting families and IEP Teams through the complex special education process.

Your child’s emotional well being and love for learning is important to me. My goal is to help provide carefully crafted and thoughtful recommendations to each client according to their specific referral concerns and needs.

I have earned my Education Specialist degree from Seattle University, hold a Professional ESA State Certificate and National School Psychologist Certified (NCSP). As well, I belong to my local State Chapter of School Psychologists. In addition, I’m a certificated parent trainer through Boys Town International “Common Sense Parenting” and a certified Mindfulness educator through Mindful Schools.

“Whitney is a thorough, compassionate and highly experienced psychologist.  She went above and beyond to spend time with our 10 year old son to evaluate if he warranted special services a teacher was requesting.   Turned out he may only have needed accommodations versus an entire diagnosis with treatment.  We used those accommodations she recommended and they were practical and successful.  Whitney also has a unique and innate way of talking about behavior that helped us form a new outlook and understanding of our son and the ability to do something about it. I highly recommend Whitney.”

– Client Testimonial

As an Educational Consultant I’m highly trained to administer a variety of assessments to address learning and social/emotional needs for special education qualification, Gifted evaluation, Homeschooling achievement evaluation, 504 accommodation planning, or to better understand how your child thinks and learns. Assessments can also be used to help develop supports to improve challenging behaviors. My services are also unique because I’m willing to travel to families and coordinate weekend appointments.

Areas of assessment for educational planning may include: Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning, Developmental Delays, Emotional Behavioral disabilities, ADHD, Functional Behavioral Assessments and Intervention Plans, and accommodation supports.

Areas of advocacy may include: reviewing IEP documents, and/or supporting families through the special education process, offer information about the complex federal and state regulations related to the provision of special education and other services provided through public schools districts.

Areas of home supports may include: helping to build home routines, individualized home intervention to improve emotional regulation, and helping to grow the “parenting toolbox” with effective parenting strategies.


A comprehensive evaluation is a valuable information-gathering tool that parents, teachers, and professionals use to identify areas of individual strength and weakness in a variety of domains such as intelligence, thinking ability, academic achievement, and social-emotional functioning. Evaluation data is used to drive interventions that will support a child’s engagement and feelings of success.

The consultation and evaluation process involves the following steps (may be completed in one or more sessions):

  1. Initial meeting with parents and child to review concern area(s), discuss student’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivators, and gather relevant medial history, family learning history, or other relevant family information.
  2. Review previous assessment data (report cards, work samples, prior special education information if relevant, behavioral school data.) With parent’s permission current teachers may be contacted to provide relevant information, with written consent of parent.
  3. Develop an assessment plan based upon the referral concern and begin evaluation.
  4. Writing assessment findings within a comprehensive report with recommendations, strategies, and accommodations.
  5. Present a formal psychoeducational report to the school and/or parents.

Thank you for considering partnering with me to advocate for your family. Please fill out the form below to schedule an initial appointment or if there are further questions you have about my services.

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School Psychologist EdS, NCSP

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